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Unwiring My Space

Step 1: Setting Goals

Whether you are a business seeking to improve productivity during meetings, or a local government trying to promote economic development, the choice to deploy a local wireless network involves many different goals.

Rather than beginning by outlining the capabilities of our technology, during the first step of our process we will meet with you and listen to your needs. Together, we outline the goals your organization can achieve with a local wireless network.

Some of the questions we ask include:

  • Who are the intended users?
  • What area do you wish to provide wireless service?
  • Will the network be used for accessing a corporate LAN or only the Internet?
  • Do you wish to provide local information and venue-based services?
  • How will the wireless network fit into existing information technology plans and systems?

Using the information gained in this step, we will begin to design a technology solution for your specific needs and goals.

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